Ye Jia Xiong

January 18, 2017

The photo shooting was very satisfying. We booked 6 days honeymoon in Bali, and we took this photo shooting package for 2 days in between. It was the happiest 2 days ever!

Before coming to Bali, we searched at Wei Bo and found many recommendations for I Do.I Do, then I contacted I Do.I Do by QQ (my wife was still so afraid that we would be cheated…hahaha). On that day we received the first phone call from I Do.I Do, it was Howard’s voice, we knew it from his voice, he is a Taiwanese, hahaha!
Howard is a nice, gentle person. On the web people said he worked as photographer too before…hahaha. The whole team gave us good impression: Howard, Kevin, Susan, Lisa, Dandan, .. all of them!

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